Introducing our new Drone Service

We are thrilled to announce that Fortress Energy has teamed up with Airbone Platforms UK Ltd (Airborne) to launch our new drone inspection service, designed to set new standards in asset and installation management.

Since opening our doors in the UK in 2018, we have worked hard to deliver proven techniques combined with an innovative approach to solving even the most complex challenges whilst maintaining the highest operational and safety standards, using local content and strategic global partners with a view to delivering the safest results as well as significant time and cost savings.

The latest phase of our strategy has brought the company together with six-year-old Airborne – an early adopter of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology in industry and a market leader focused on providing services which are reliable, streamlined and as straightforward as possible. The main thrust of it work with clients in numerous sectors includes industrial inspection and monitoring, aerial film and photography, mapping, and survey work. Airborne, has a specific thermal imaging survey capability utilising the latest UAS technology for solar panel installations and industrial plant allowing for the provision of multi-spectral inspection data.

Additionally, Airborne were the first company In the UK to implement a fully online UAS pilot competency training course approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in 2018, a prerequisite for the provision of remote pilot authorisations.  As a ‘Recognised Assessment Entity’ (RAE) they qualify remote pilots to the current CAA A2CofC and GVC competency certification standards.

By pooling resources and experience in this manner, we will work together to facilitate the regular monitoring, inspection and testing of Fortress Energy’s extensive portfolio of large assets in a quicker, easier and fuller way. This will not only harness the potential of UAS to cover large and dangerous working environments, but also reduce the need for human exposure to risk in the inspection process. The use of UAS will produce actionable data for project teams in the form of 3D models, Georeferenced Orthomosaics and Hi-Resolution Inspection Imagery to boost transparency and enhance the depth and detail of any relating projects As-Built asset data and inspection reporting.

Commenting on the alliance, Martin Atkinson, our Managing Director said:

As companies of a similar age and ethos, working together with Airborne Platforms UK Ltd was a natural fit.   We are delighted with the new partnership and the investment will allow us to expand the support we currently provide our customers. By joining forces, we will introduce new ways of working which will strengthen the support we can provide to both new and existing markets.”

Chris Marshall, Managing Director of Airborne Platforms UK Ltd added:

We are very pleased to be working together with Fortress Energy. Our goal is to produce actionable intelligence for our clients, backed up with our commitment to offer a tailored, scalable service to identify issues which can be remediated well before they become larger and more costly.”

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